‘Twas just a normal day when I called daddy’s phone, no one answered, mummy’s phone, no answer! sister, No Answer!
“Oh they’re all not connected today or probably far from their phones” I thought.
This repeated the 2nd day..  I was getting worried
Day 3,  I called them again, no response! messages I had sent about a week before all hadn’t gone through.. It’s clear they’re offline! I went ahead calling them via normal voice call (not WhatsApp), daddy’s was off, mum’s went through but, No Answer again.
Thoughts began rushing through my mind;
Maybe a robber entered the room and shot them? Maybe they have been kidnapped and their phones have been seized? Maybe they were sleeping and fire broke out in the house? Maybe….? Maybe?….?😭😭
I was too worried, my eyes had already become red, my face dropped!
Only praying that God takes control of them and my mind too! I spoke to my mind to be still and not believe the lies coming through….
I then started calling people(cos I school in a different country), people who lived close to our house in Ghana. Just wanted them to inform my family that I was trying to reach them urgently. One lady called after sometime only to inform that…..😭

…………………… be continued


The Leibster Award


I thank God for this opportunity! It’s with great joy I write this. All glory goes to Him. Thank you gaillovesgod, for nominating me. God bless you richly! The greatness in you is so much. I love your blog, I love how you ascribe all glory to God in your writings. You are so ‘Kingdom’ minded and it’s great! Guys! Go check her blog (gaillovesgod) out and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I love you! Thanks again.


So here are the rules and what the Liebster Award is about…

Liebster Award:  The Liebster Award is an award for new bloggers and those with few or small followers. It’s an way of giving new bloggers some recognition and encouragement for the hard work.


●Create a new blog post on your blog thanking the person that nominated you, link to their blog and put in a  graphic of the award.

●Answer the questions provided and share some facts about yourself.

●Nominate others and share your post with them so they can accept their award.

My answers to gaillovesgod’s questions

1. What Movies have you watched lately? I don’t really watch movies but I remember I watched war room in summer!
2. Do you have any favorite songs right now? Yes! Yes!

God almighty by Maranda Curtis:

Great are you Lord:

So will I

and many more. I love music.
3. What is the theme/purpose of your blog? It’s to encourage people to be their best and be positive in life. To remind us of the little things which when done and not overlooked, will go a long way in making us a better version of ourselves.
4. Where in the world do you live? Tambov, Russia currently
5. Where were you when you met Jesus? My motherland, Ghana
6. What do you like about blogging? It communicates my thoughts and gives me  some sort of fulfilment. It makes me reach people I don’t see.
7. Who’s one of your favorite bible characters? Paul! I love Paul. He was so dead to the flesh. So the life of Christ could easily flow through Him.   John 12:24 says Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. John 12:24


Some Facts about Sandra

●I love & admire myself so much! I love people too. I love helping people. I love strong women. I love entrepreneurs. I love authentic people. I love women who are beautiful within. I love hones sincere people!

●When I see the good in people, my first reaction is to appreciate it or compliment them unlike many other people especially women whose first reaction would be jealousy/envy.  I thank God for this about me.

●I love music so much. I am a growing worship leader at the church where I am now.

●I’m happy about the woman I am now and more happy about the woman I’m growing into even single day. Thank God .

● I desire God so much! I want Him so much! He is the only one who makes me complete, He’s the only one who satisfies my soul. I love His spiritual gifts upon my life, His anointing! I thank Him.

●I love my flexibility! I love that I’m willing to grow to be my best in life!

●I love my entrepreneurial mindset!


My nominees





Female defender


Simple ula

Living what you love

Adventures abroad



Questions for my nominees

●What are 3 things do you do that give you some sort of fulfilment?

●Why do you blog?

●Mention at most 3 things you admire about yourself.

●What’s your favourite verse in the Christian bible? (If you’re a christian)

●If you were invited for a talk on any subject at all. What would you talk about? And why?

●How did you receive Christ and where ? (if you’re a christian)

●Which renowned(internationally) person do you in a way look up to now? And why?


Congratulations to the nominees! Please it’s not obligatory to participate. If you do, No rush! Do it when and how you want! It’s your blog! And your Award! I look forward to reading!💕💕💕💕

Keep moving on, darling!

She felt inadequate!

But she quickly learnt the message this emotion carried.

She knew she needed more skills and knowledge

Just when she thought of giving up temporarily on writing,

2 different guys approached her, telling of how her posts

& quotes have helped t hem in so many ways.

Encouragement comes in different ways.

Keep doing what you’re doing

Don’t stop!

You never know the number of lives

being blessed and touched through you!

Better things await you!

Until then,



Guess who’s at the door! ~2min~


Good day people!
I just framed my thoughts up into this quote and decided to share with you.
Most of us do not recognize or just overlook what we see as “small opportunies”
We actively and busily look for opportunities afar.
Most times all we need to do is to clearly state down what we want, what we desire and set right proirities and we’ll recognize the many opportunities waiting right at our doorstep to be grabbed.
What do you want now?
What are the problems in the field you are?
What can you do very well?
What are the areas you need more skills and hardwork?
Are you majoring some minor activities?
Which activities should you minor?
How can you use your strengths to help solve the problems in your field?

If you’d like to see the opportunities life offers, you’d want to:

Know how opportunies look like.
Most often than not, we focus our attention on problems that come our way as we go through life forgetting that within every problem there’s an opportunity
Yes! Within every problem lies an opportunity.
It’s your duty, and mine to go into the problem and suck out the opportunities and utilize them.

Within every problem lies an opportunity.

Despite not small opportunities
Our human sight! Our sight sometimes is a hindrance to success. This is the reason why I always pray, that God gives me good sight to see things like he does. If we want to go higher in life, we’d better check how we see things. We’d better pray and yearn to be optimists. We’d better learn to see the ‘little good’ in everything.
Some opportunies come disguised. We may disregard them but in reality, they open so many other opportunities.

Small opportunities’ lead to birth of ‘greater’ ones.

One man said, it’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.
Prepare yourself! Be ready for that opportunity you’re complaining about, such that if you’re given that opportunity today  and now,  you’re going to utilise immediately.

Better things await you.


Until then,


~ BUniQ



1515509507082●Happy Wives club  ●Happy couples exist  ●Godly families  ●Journey to Argument-free marriage  ●Beautiful love  ●The greatest source of human joy and pain is found in the drama of love & Relationships ~Dr. Myles Munroe  ●Relationship must be beautiful & Refreshing

A new script to be written..

Hello and happy New year!
I’ve been away for sometime now (when spiritual reasons step in).
I had this strong desire to write about the lessons I learnt in 2017.
Just sit back and wait for that series; It’s coming soon.

So what’s for this new year? How many of the goals you set for yourself were accomplished last year? Have you celebrated yourself yet? Have some honey , Dr. Emeka Nwokocha says. Celebrate your success! What are the mistakes you made in 2017? In which ways are the mistakes  going to mould you into ‘the better you’. Are you just dreaming without setting goals? Actually, we don’t need a new year to make new resolutions. Resolutions can be made at any time of the year.
Dreaming alone won’t get you anywhere, neither will writing down your goals, nor even praying about them. I believe the message I want to get across is summarised in this post I saw from one of my mentors, Dr. Joseph Abraham Assi :

This year, if you regularly set aside:
-Time to spend with God
-Time to read
-Time to think & write
-Time to study/work hard
-Time to plan for your life…
You will be a very happy person.
I know you’ve planned to do it. I hope you’ll be able to reach your goals by the end of this year. Carvett Robert says, Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.” 

A fresh page is here for the turning! A new script waits to be written! New year, New me, New perspective! Better things await you in 2018!

A question for you! Kindly comment your answer below.
What do you think of writing down dreams and goals? Is it really necessary? What connection does ‘writing down goals’ have with ‘accomplishing them’?


Why you get caught up in jealousy (2 min read)

Hey Friends
Remember I said every emotion carry within itself a hidden message?
See that post here if you’ve not seen already》》Every Emotion carry a hidden message
Jealousy is felt when a person stops focusing on his/her own growth and begins to focus on other’s growth. Feeling of jealousy is sending you a strict message pleading with you to focus on your personal growth.
It’s calling you to ask yourself questions like
Am I being disciplined enough in my studies/prayer life/work?
What are some abilities I really need to develop now?
Which area of my life do I need to major, which do I need to minor?
When good things happen to people, appreciate them and know that it only takes hardwork and time to get there.

Appreciating the good in other people doesn’t always come easily, right? How can we inculcate this habit into ourselves so that jealousy doesn’t become our default? What do you have to say about jealousy or envy? Leave a comment below



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~ BUniQ