Let him do it properly

Wondering what this post would be about? Well….
I just thought of how people could be in a relationship without even knowing they are. How they could be saying the I love you’s and love you too’s.. behaving jus t like people in relationship.
😂😂😂… Let the men do it properly. If they really want you, let them ask properly. Let your relationship not start by the “sweetheart’s”,  “sweetie’s”, “babe’s”, “bae’s” , “boo’s”… and bam, you’re already in a relationship and explaining yourselves to each other as people in relationship.
What comes easy, can as well end so easily as it started. I’m not asking anyone to play hard-to-get ; you may miss your greatest earthly blessing😂
They may be your bestfriends. They may be your ‘everything’ as some may claim. You may have feelings for them just as they do for you. They may even have all the qualities of your “dream man”… But my point is, let them recognise your worth in their way of asking to be in a relationship with you. If they will recognise your worth, it will depend on how well you have known your worth, and how well you have communicated it to them.
Women, I know we love attention.
Let’s not compromise our worth for attention.

……To be continued….


Get you these 3, and there is nothing you cannot achieve



It’s been so long I blogged. God knows why! So I just wanted to share this today.

•Get you a God(my God) who is not only a creator and master of all things, but one who is also interested in your dreams. Who is interested in your success. Who has plans to prosper you.
Who will even inspire you with ideas that will attract billions. In Him, there’s no death in Him. Wondering how to get this God? Ask me.

•Right goals. Dreams without goals are merely wishes. Yes, there is even the right way of setting goals. Be specific in setting your goals. I learnt about the SMART way of setting goals. Specific. Measurable. Action Oriented. Realistic. Timeline. Stop wishing and set clear goals on how to achieve those dreams you have.

•Focus. Focus is everything guys! Focus your energy, time, money, your all into your dreams.
Commit to making them happen. Commitment. Perseverance. Patience.
There’s nothing you cannot achieve..

…Until next



Hey loves💕

Before, I made lot of time to shower morning and night, sometimes even afternoon .
I enjoyed showering so much. I would even play loud music in the shower and dance. It made me feel good about myself. (I’m sure it contributed to my level of self confidence and self love in general)
But after sometime, I wasn’t making time to shower at nights. (Don’t judge me😂)
I made myself busy with other activities.
Once during my late night reflection, I started imagining myself in the next 6 or 8years.
And I began thinking.. what habits does the ‘Sandra in 8 years’ have that I don’t have?
What is she doing that I’m not working towards? How can I really become the Beautiful ‘Sandra I see in 8years’? I started evaluating myself.
I then decided to restart showering at nights because it’s one habit I saw the woman in 8years doing and wanted her children to follow suit😂.
Habits can be learned and unlearned. Evaluate yourself. Take a look at your future. Which habits wouldn’t you like to carry along with you to your future? Which habits would you like develop? Well, you can develop any habit you want.
Once you are in your teens, or young adult stage, Its the best time to build good habits for the future. There are so many tools available to us. Take a course online. Read books. Learn from people. You don’t know how to cook?… well learn!
How to make up? Learn!
Use the resources around you! Increase your productivity! Increase your value!

“Habits are formed by the repetition of particular acts. They are strengthened by an increase in the number of repeated acts. Habits are also weakened or broken, and contrary habits are formed by the repetition of contrary acts.”
― Mortimer J. Adler

The sunshine blogger award

And I was nominated again for another award. All thanks to my God. Thank you Gail, for allowing God to use you to bless me and people around the world through your amazing and inspiring blog. I love your love for God, Gail. Keep on becoming. You’re phenomenal. You inspire me and all around you. Thank God.



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  3. Answer 11 questions the blogger asked you.
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My answers to Gails Questions

What was your last post about?Tag it for others to see.
☆Taking control of the mind and thoughts☆

What was your first ever post about? Tag it too.
☆I so remember! I titled it the woman in my mind
I’m one person yearning to be a proverbs 31 woman, a woman of substance, of character.
So my very first post talks about some characters I saw in this woman I desire to be.☆

What is the theme for your blog?
☆Grooming you with simple reminders to be your best!☆

Do you have more than one blog? If so, link each one for others to know.
☆I have one blog.☆

Do you have a favorite verse?
The is Be to God who gives us victory through Jesus Christ. 1 cor 15:57☆

Where in the world do you live?
☆Tambov, Russia, Europe☆

What is your favorite color?
☆1.Pink 2. Burgundy 3. White☆

Who has influenced your life?
☆1. My dad
2. My children service teachers
3. The Pastor of my current student ministry☆

What have you given to God?
☆My all☆

Cheerios or Corn Flakes?



Living what you love

Dream big dream often

Simple Ula



Woman of worth




Himanshu Susodia





1. Why do you blog and what’s your blog all about?

2. What’s your religion? How is your relationship with the God of your religion?

3. What motivates you in life?

4. On a scale of 0 to 10, where do you think you are in doing what you love and really want in life? What makes you say that?

5. What’s one mistake/failure you made in life that affected you so badly? Are you out of it yet? How did you come out?

6. What’s one thing you firmly believe in?

7. What’s your relationship status? Married? In a relationship? Engaged? Single? Divorced? Widowed? What one advice can you give about relationship/marriage ?

8. What’s your take on sex before marriage? Why?

9. What’s your wildest dreams if it’s sharable?

10. Who do you think you are?

11. Tag two of your favourite blog posts.


Congrats to you my nominees. Looking forward to reading your reply. Much love❤


This is a continuation of  Moments…I, read it here if you haven’t read yet.

……One lady called only to inform that she couldn’t reach my dad. My mom wasn’t answering her phone, likewise my sister. Another guy called me not long after I ended the call with the lady. He said exactly what the lady told me.
“I’ve had enough” I thought
I started praying. “Lord, you know I’m the only one(in my family) here(in Russia). You are my dad, Yes! but I need my earthly parents alive. I don’t know how you’ll do it, but I want them alive.” I had already believed that something was happening to them. I imagined my younger siblings, My elderly sister, my dad, mom.  A great love flowed out  of me towards them (the images) in my mind. I wasnt ready to lose them. “No! Not now! Not when I’m in Russia!”

So all my conversations with God revolved around God making a way out of whatever was happening.
But on the inside of me, was something so strong, a belief that nothing was happening.
Honestly, I was disturbed. Anxious.
Later in the night, my sister called explaining that her phone was on silent. My dad’s phone a temporary problem, and my mom went out for a wedding ceremony without her phone.
Oh my God! I was relieved.

So why did I think something bad was happening? Why were there thoughts of fire outbreak in the house, kidnapping or death? Why did I even kind of believe the thoughts?

It’s because the human mind has been programmed like that. Thoughts flow in. Only you are the one who can really control which thoughts you’d focus on. No one else can do that for you. Think about the very thoughts you are thinking about.
Negative energy, bad thoughts do not need your efforts to flow I to your mind just like weeds do not need special care to grow. They will come knocking at the door of your mind regardless of who you are.
It’s up to you at the end of the day to decide whether they should enter or not.
Remember, the mind can be controlled.
First, accept the fact that you are not above negative thoughts. It’s only when you accept that you can take responsibility of it.
Efforts are required in creating a positive mindset. It requires intentionality. Just like rose need special care to grow. They a fertile soil, watering and other special care for them to grow.

Likewise, the mind is like a fertile soil. Weeds(negative energy) will grow by themselves, but you’ve got to remove the weeds for your roses(positivity) to grow healthily. Remember, you only allow them in by focussing on them.

There is a verse in The holybook that says “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”

“Transformation starts in the mind”
‘Whatever you focus on, you believe, whatever you believe, you manifest’
‘You are in control of your mind’
‘You are 100% responsible for your life’
‘Everything you’ll ever do will start in your mind’
‘If you can control your mind. Your thoughts. You can control your life’
You want to change your life? Change your way of thinking first!

I recommend that you read this book from Joyce Meyer if you haven’t read yet.
Battlefield of the mind —There are countless testimonies about it. It’s life changing.

Here you go, download: Battlefield-of-the-Mind-Meyer

Nine-day wonder?

Hello March💕
Happy New Month to you, there!

March is the 3rd month of the year. Today is the 3rd day of the month. What have you done so far this year? Do you realize that 2 months already passed? 10 months remaining. Do you remember the things you decided to do this year? Those bad habits you said you weren’t gonna do them this year? What about the money you decided to save every month? Oh and that guy you said you weren’t gonna give a chance again? You forgot that you said you were gojng to tithe this month? And you said you were going to do all the 5 daily prayers( for muslims)? The decision you made to pray at least for 30mins a day? Those books you listed down to read?
What happened to the zeal you started the year with? What happened to that mindset you started the year with?
Or was it just a nine-day-wonder?
This reminds me of some incidents in high school. There were times when someone would go to the toilets or just be in the dormitory and see a non-human creature. And most students filled with fear would confess and make it right with God. But this fear and new decision to walk with God didn’t last, it lasted only for about a week, they would go back to the life they lived before the whole ‘non-human-creature issue’ came about.
It was just a nine-day-wonder; that’s how we called it back in high school. They changed only for a short time.

Regain your focus. Motivate yourself to continue what you started.
I’d like to share with you a secret that most people do not know/utilise. This would make much sense to my Christian readers
You can utilise the power of God in you. The holyspirit in you. Christ in you. If you are a Christian, thank God! Cos you’ve got an extraordinary power in you that’s able to help you accomplish what you planned and to regain your focus. Utilise the power in you. It’s there to help you. It’s there to direct you. It’s there to enable you do things that your own physical strength and power can’t do.
Remember the year has been divided into months, months into weeks,  then days, then hours, minutes, seconds…
Every second counts! I tell you. Spend every day moving a step closer to your dreams. To what you planned to do this year(Or what you’ve planned for a particular time frame)
If you’re not careful, If you don’t regain your focus, you might end the year saying the same thing you said last year; I couldn’t do this because….
Because…..?  So what?
Forget the obstacles! Forget the criticisms! Forget the feelings of inadequacy and self unworthiness! I say ‘feelings’ because I realized that most of the time, it’s not that we’re inadequate, most of the time, in reality, we are, we only ‘feel we are not’. Of course, the message that this feeling carries to us is that there is a need to get new skills/strategies, there is a need to develop ourselves more.
Learn from all of them, and move on. Regain your focus. Remember to be persistent and consistent.
Wish you the best month ever. Enjoy! It’s my birth month. I’m already excited about my birthday(29th). Simply because I’m grateful to God for the woman He’s made me and who He’s making me day by day. I’m grateful that I’m His and will forever belong to Him. My Abba.

Thanks for reading, you inspire me! Yes you, the one who just read this. I pray you be blessed.


‘Twas just a normal day when I called daddy’s phone, no one answered, mummy’s phone, no answer! sister, No Answer!
“Oh they’re all not connected today or probably far from their phones” I thought.
This repeated the 2nd day..  I was getting worried
Day 3,  I called them again, no response! messages I had sent about a week before all hadn’t gone through.. It’s clear they’re offline! I went ahead calling them via normal voice call (not WhatsApp), daddy’s was off, mum’s went through but, No Answer again.
Thoughts began rushing through my mind;
Maybe a robber entered the room and shot them? Maybe they have been kidnapped and their phones have been seized? Maybe they were sleeping and fire broke out in the house? Maybe….? Maybe?….?😭😭
I was too worried, my eyes had already become red, my face dropped!
Only praying that God takes control of them and my mind too! I spoke to my mind to be still and not believe the lies coming through….
I then started calling people(cos I school in a different country), people who lived close to our house in Ghana. Just wanted them to inform my family that I was trying to reach them urgently. One lady called after sometime only to inform that…..

Continue here》》》Moments…ll